The Local Public Economics Association (or AIEPLAC its acronym in Spanish) was first formally agreed during the 5th International Seminar of Public Local Economics (SEMEPUL in Spanish) in November 2014 in the Autonomous University of Zacatecas. At the same time, Dr Oscar Cárdenas was chosen to be the first President of what would be AIEPLAC in 2015.

Prior to this, a group interested in Public Economics and Public Local Economics formed an academic network-giving rise to the first seminar held in the Economics Faculty of the UMSNH in October 2009. This was the birth of the International Seminar of Public Local Economics. We were always interested in including not only topics of national interest but also international ones and these were present from the outset. From then onwards, colleagues from both public and private universities (national and international) started to join through contributing different articles that would be used in seminars. The second SEMEPUL 2010 in Morelia, attracted more academics to take part and resulted in thematic parallel discussion groups occupying over half of the time and participation. Because of the cutting edge nature of many of the topics, this has since increased not only owing to the range of discussions on the topic but also because of the nature of many of the local economics topics.

Subsequent events appear in the “SEMEPUL” section in our home page. The registered programs and the summaries of the presentations can be found in the same section. The University Veracruzana hosted the third event and, as a result, other Schools of Economy such as UASLP, UQROO, UAZ, UAS, and UGTO were interested in the organization of the event.

Nevertheless, the principal activity of the AIEPLAC have been the International Seminars of Public Local Economics. With its formalization, we have initiated other activities such as the Journal of Local Public Economics (REPUL its acronym in Spanish), conferences and academic related events, as well as the publication of books. The AIEPLAC may have with this greater coverage in academic topics, investigation and research, promotion, dissemination, and education, as is pointed out in its objectives.

Organization & Government

AIEPLAC is shaped by its founding and associate members. The Presidency and vice-presidency are designated by the former. These meet every year to reach agreements on annual activities, to name commissions, and to discuss finance and the change of board members.

The AIEPLAC does not have a lucrative or commercial aim, its focus is on the social and with emphasises on academic topics and research

Asociación Internacional de Economía Pública Local A.C.
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