The International Association of Public Economics A.C. had its first agreement at the 5th International Seminar on Local Public Economics in November 2014 at the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas and there it was agreed that Dr. Oscar Cárdenas would be the first president of what would become AIEPLAC in 2015.

Previously, the group of people interested in public economy and local public economy gathered a network of academics and initiated a first event at the Faculty of Economics of the UMSNH in October 2009. The International Seminar on Local Public Economy was born. We have always been interested in covering both national and international issues, and from the beginning they were present.  From then on, other colleagues from public and private, national and international universities joined in and participated with papers in future seminars. The second SEMEPUL2010 in Morelia managed to involve more academics and almost 50% of the time there were parallel thematic tables. From then on, enthusiasm increased, not only because of the discussions on the topic, but also because experts in the field had gathered and were becoming more numerous. Subsequent events are listed on the front page of the activities page and the programmes and abstracts of the papers presented are recorded. The third event was organised by the University of Veracruz and other economics faculties showed interest in organising it, such as UASLP, UQROO, UAZ, UAS, UGTO. 

Although the main activity of AIEPLAC has been the International Seminars on Local Public Economics, with its formalisation we have initiated other activities such as the Journal of Local Public Economics (REPUL), conferences and related academic events, as well as the publication of books. AIEPLAC can have a more academic, research, advocacy and educational coverage, as stated in its objectives.


Organisation & Governance

AIEPLAC is composed of founding and associate members. The President and Vice-President are appointed by the founding members. They meet annually to agree on annual activities, appoint committees, finances and change the board of directors.

AIEPLAC is not for profit, speculative or commercial, but has a social vocation with academic and research supremacy.

Asociación Internacional de Economía Pública Local A.C.
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